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Test your Skill

Are you ready to put your skills to the test? These games have been hand selected to challenge your reflexes, accuracy, timing, aiming skills and more. Play through them all to give all of these skills a great work out. Better yet test yourself against a friend by taking it in turns. Flapsanity has a 2 player mode which is a great place to start. Whatever you play and however you play it though the most important thing of all is to… have fun!

Neon Drift Just drive to a pulsing synthwave soundtrack.
Super Brick Ball Fire a line of balls and eliminate the bricks to pass each level.
Bubble Shooter Levels Pop your way through increasingly difficult levels. What level can you reach?
Bouncing Balls A popular classic flash game now ported to HTML5.
Bubble Shooter Pop bubbles in this classic bubble shooting skill game.
Slice Fruit Get in touch with your inner ninja and slice the flying fruit
Pop Pop Candies Aim and fire the matching candies to pop them before the time runs out.
Brick Bash 2 Use the paddle to bash the balls through 45 new levels. Fun power ups!
Maya Bubbles Embark on a bubble shooting expedition to find ancient treasure.
ZomBubblez Shoot, dodge and powerup to take down the menacing Zombubblez!
Balls v Squares Fire a column of balls at the squares to eliminate them.
XMAS Wheelie Wheelie your way in to the holidays!
Bubble Blaster Blast bubbles to divide them and upgrade your blaster. Oddly satisfying.
Choppy Tower Place the blocks at just the right time - any overhang will be chopped off.
Bubble Splitter Dodge, collect power ups and fire at the bubbles to split them in two.
Lightbulb Physics Destroy the blocks and connect the lightbulb to the power source.
Brick Bash Use the paddle to deflect the ball and destroy the bricks. Lots of interesting power-ups.
Block Shooter Shoot blocks and buy upgrades. Simple but surprisingly addictive.
Flapsanity 1 or 2 player Flappy Bird/Copter style fun. Can you out flap your friends?
Ninja Action Test your ninja abilities in this one button skill game.
Hexagon Fall How many shapes can you remove without losing the hexagon?
Toops A minimalistic ballistic puzzle game that is like an endless round of plinko.
Stock Car Hero Get behind the wheel in a stock car race. Can you win?
Dino Bubbles A prehistoric bubble shooter with a twist.
Indiara Inspired by the boulder chase from Indiana Jones. Can you escape with the gold skull and your life?
Free Jumper Tap the screen to jump and try to avoid the moving bars. How high can you score?


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