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Free Online Puzzle Games

Here is a great collection of free puzzle games you can play instantly on any device. No need to download or install anything you tap the game in your browser and hit full screen. No obtrusive adverts or in-game purchases either. Exercise your brain and unwind at the same time with these fun diversions. Far more engaging than watching TV. Research has shown that it is good for you to complete mind puzzles everyday t keep your mind agile and healthy. Why not make it part of your daily routine?

Tower Merge Match 3 Tower Defense, this is addictive!
Daily Tap Blocks Can you solve a fresh set of 3d block puzzles every day?
Hats on Cats Swipe to put the hats on to cats without getting stuck
Fill Maze Slide the ball throughout the maze to fill it with color. Very satisfying!
2048 Physics Can you make a 2048 ball in this merge game.. with physics!
Jewel Hunt 2 Classic match 3 gameplay with powerups and 40 levels to beat.
Jewel Pop A sweet match 3 game with interesting levels and power-ups!
Super Brick Ball Fire a line of balls and eliminate the bricks to pass each level.
Raccoon Rescue Bubble Shooter Rescue Raccoons against the clock in this cute bubble shooter.
Bouncing Balls A popular classic flash game now ported to HTML5.
Lines Down Eliminate rows by placing shapes to complete them.
Hex Pipes Rotate pipes on a hexagon board to gain access to the water and power your farm.
Sudoku Sudoku is a challenging brain game which is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.
Tangrams Improve your spatial comprehension by solving these tangram puzzles.
2k Shoot A bubble shooting merge game. Can you make a 2k bubble?
Basket Slide Just slide the ball in to the basket. How hard can it be?
Mordle.io Multiplayer word solving inspired by wordle. [LINK]
Match Drop Tap like colored groups of gems to eliminate them in this relaxing casual game.
Daily Word Search Play or print a new word search every day.
Simon Says Exercise your short term memory by repeating the sequence of colors.
Unfold 3: Bomb Puzzles Unfold is back with some explosive new puzzles.
2048 Solitaire Simple to play but so satisfying. Can you make a 2048 card?
2048 Merge Place like numbered tiles next to each other to combine them. Another fun variation of 2048.
Odd One Out Exercise your mind by finding the odd character out.
Puzzle Blocks: Ancient Rotate and place the blocks to solve ancient puzzles across Egypt, Greece and Persia.
Pipes Can you connect the pipes and solve each puzzle?
Lightbulb Physics Destroy the blocks and connect the lightbulb to the power source.
Merge It Tap matching tiles to merge them and reach the target number.
UnBlocked Slide the blocks to clear a path for the golden block
Unfold Unfold the colors to fill each level. A clever way to exercise your spatial comprehension.
Unfold 2 Unfold the shapes to fill the area and pass each level.
Hexagon Fall How many shapes can you remove without losing the hexagon?
Connect Lines Rotate the lines to connect them and solve the puzzles.
Toops A minimalistic ballistic puzzle game that is like an endless round of plinko.
Jewel Hunt The hunt is on. Swap the jewels to match 3 in a row. Can you beat all 40 levels?
Blue Drop Can you connect the blue shapes in this physics puzzle game? *New levels added.
Hidden Object: Pirate Treasure Find the hidden objects in a swashbuckling adventure.
Rolling Ball Solve sliding puzzles so the ball can reach the exit.
Make 7 Can you make a 7 tile in this hexa relaxing puzzle?
Sudoku Classic The original Sudoku game featured on FreeGames.org
Minesweeper Can you clear the minefield? Be careful, one wrong move and you're toast!
Brain Teasers Exercise your lateral thinking and problem solving skills with these unusual questions.
Scrambled Words Unscramble the words and exercise the parts of your brain that manage language and recollection.
2048 THE addictive sliding tile game. Slide like tiles to combine them. Can you reach 2048?


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