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XMAS Wheelie Wheelie your way in to the holidays!
Bubble Blaster Blast bubbles to divide them and upgrade your blaster. Oddly satisfying.
Puzzle Blocks: Ancient Rotate and place the blocks to solve these ancient puzzles across Egypt, Greece and Persia.
Pipes Can you connect the pipes and solve each puzzle?
Choppy Tower Place the blocks at just the right time - any overhang will be chopped off.
Butterfly Kyodai A beautiful Mahjong Connect game. Link the butterfly wings to set them free.
Bubble Splitter Dodge, collect power ups and fire at the bubbles to split them in two.
Lightbulb Physics Remove shapes to carefully take down the towers and light the lightbulb.
Merge It Touch groups of two or more matching numbers to merge them in to a bigger one.
UnBlocked Slide and rearrange the puzzle to release the golden block.
Unfold Unfold the colored tiles to fill the empty spaces in this very clever puzzle game.
Unfold 2 Unfold returns with a new gameplay mechanic and challenging new puzzles.
Match Solitaire Match cards with the same value (any suit) to clear them from the tableau.
Brick Bash Deflect the ball in to the bricks to destroy them. Featuring fun power ups and 45 levels.
Block Shooter Shoot and avoid the incoming blocks then spend your points to upgrade your ship.
Flapsanity Flap your way through the obstacles. A fun skill game for one or two players.
Ninja Action Test your ninja abilities in this one button skill game.
Hexagon Fall How many shapes can you remove without losing the hexagon?
Connect Lines Rotate the lines to connect them and solve the puzzles.
Toops A minimalistic ballistic puzzle game that is like an endless round of plinko.
Jewel Hunt The hunt is on. Swap the jewels to match 3 in a row. Can you beat all 40 levels?
Blue Drop Can you connect the blue shapes in this physics puzzle game? *New levels added.
Hidden Object: Pirate Treasure Find the hidden objects in a swashbuckling adventure.
Snakes and Ladders Play Snakes and Ladders with your friends or against the computer.
Classic Solitaire Play classic solitaire with traditional Klondike rules and also an undo button.
Stock Car Hero Test your driving skills in a stock car race. Can you win the series?
Icon Mahjong An alternative Mahjong game featuring colorful icons.
Rolling Ball Slide tiles to create a clear path so the ball can roll from red to blue
4 Colors Enjoy this colorful UNO inspired card game.
Backgammon Backgammon is one of the oldest known board games. Can you outsmart your opponent?
Make 7 Can you make a 7 tile in this hexa relaxing puzzle?
Sudoku Classic The original Sudoku game featured on FreeGames.org
Blackjack Play for pretend chips in this free online blackjack game.
Dino Bubbles A prehistoric bubble shooter with a twist.
Flower Mahjong Connect A popular variant of mahjong solitaire with a garden theme.
Flower Mahjong Slide Slide matching mahjong tiles to make pairs.
Classic Chess Play our classic chess game with 3D style pieces.
Minesweeper Can you clear the minefield? Be careful, one wrong move and you're toast!
Brain Teasers Exercise your lateral thinking and problem solving skills with these unusual questions.
Checkers Board games are excellent for building logical thinking skills and Checkers is no exception!
Indiara Inspired by the boulder chase from Indiana Jones. Can you escape with the gold skull and your life?
Scrambled Words Unscramble the words and exercise the parts of your brain that manage language and recollection.
2048 THE addictive sliding tile game. Slide like tiles to combine them. Can you reach 2048?
Free Jumper Tap the screen to jump and try to avoid the moving bars. How high can you score?
Word Search Word Searches improve volcabulary and pattern recognition (considered to be a key cognitive tool).
Pac Rat A beautiful Mahjong Connect game. Link the butterfly wings to set them free.
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