Sum of 10 Solitaire

Sum of 10 solitaire is played with a traditional deck of cards with all of the character cards removed (J, Q & K). The goal is to clear the tableau by matching pairs of cards that add up to ten. Aces are worth one and tens can be removed by themselves (no match required). If you can’t see any matches tap the remaining deck to turn over a new card. Deck cards can also be used to create matches. If you clear the tableau a new round will start. See how many you can beat to get a high score.

I created this web game after I was looking for fun ways to practice maths with my children during lockdown. I came across this blogpost describing how to play sum of 10 solitaire and thought it was a great idea:

Sum of 10 Pyramid Solitaire (post by Jen Wieber)

We had fun playing it with real cards and now I have created this digital version with lots of different layouts for you to try too. Which layout is your favorite? The “random” layout will use a different random layout for each round. How many cards can you match before you get stuck? Be sure to think a couple of moves ahead!

If you like this game you may also like my take on Pyramid Solitaire which is similar except the cards must add up to 13 instead.

Have fun!

-Gaz (FreeGames.org)

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