4 Colors

4 colors is a free online card game inspired by UNO. It can be played against 1, 2 or 3 opponents. The goal is to win the game, this is achieved by putting all of your cards down first. When it is your turn you can put down a card if its color or number matches the card on the top of the waste pile. In addition to the normal cards there are “action cards”, these have special qualities. The draw 2 card (+2) forces the next player to pick up 2 cards and forfeit their turn. The skip card (circle with line through) causes the next player to skip a turn. The reverse card (2 curved arrows) reverses the play order. The wild card (diamond with 4 colors) can be placed at any time and allows you to change the color of play. Last of all the wild draw 4 (+4) combines the powers of the draw 2 card (except they take 4) and the wild card. It is the most powerful card in the game. When you only have one card left you MUST click the “1” button to announce it to the other players immediately. Otherwise when it is your next turn you must take 2 penalty cards. I hope you enjoy this free card game. Have fun!

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